About us

Seacargotracking.com, which was established in 2012, streamlines and makes delivery easier for e-commerce companies. It saves time, money, and effort with more than 23,000 clients. The company’s success is ascribed to its cutting-edge technology, happy customers, and a committed staff that is enthusiastic about revolutionizing e-commerce logistics.

What are we Offering:

Notification of Tracking:

By informing customers about their orders, branded tracking can increase sales and foster customer loyalty. Businesses can encourage cross-selling and offer automated delivery updates to their consumers in their native tongue by setting up order tracking. You can also post sales, promo codes, and product recommendations on the tracking page. For a more seamless user experience, the platform provides customization choices and supports six local languages. Videos from Seacargotracking.com Academy offer instructions on how to use these capabilities efficiently.

Transporting API:

Complete shipping capabilities in stores, WMS, ERP, and marketplaces is made possible by the multi-carrier Shipping API (RESTful), which enables integration with more than 100 carriers. Rates, shipments, labels, webhook system, delivery tracking, and more are all included. In addition, it enables the creation of return portals, cancelation requests, and return validation.


Pack & Go is a packaging function that, without a WMS, simplifies order processing, lowers mistakes, and improves operations. Packers can display orders and generate shipping labels by scanning their packing slip or picking list. Pack & Go requires little training for packers and teams, and it is ready to use in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it has Item Scanning & packaging to reduce human mistake throughout the packaging process and Single Scan for quicker order processing.

Order Refund Procedures:

Businesses can manage returns from all sales channels, lower return rates, and make data-driven choices with the help of returns management software. It enables bulk printing of return labels and provides customers with a branded return gateway for self-check returns. Pre-arranged return rates are offered for European packages, and custom return solutions can be developed using the API. Customers can pay for returns via payment service providers Mollie, and digital QR codes have replaced paper return labels.

Checkout Conversion:

Businesses may boost conversions, lower cart abandonment, control carrier risk, and gain a competitive edge by utilizing the Dynamic Checkout API. Customers can select from a range of delivery options, including dates, carriers, fees, and speeds. With the help of the API, businesses can easily integrate with over 100 carriers and 7,000 shipping options, opening up new markets and taking advantage of features like tracking, multiple carriers, shipping regulations, and returns.

Insurance for Shipments:

With up to €10,000 per cargo, Seacargotracking.com Shipping Protection provides complete coverage against shipment damage, loss, and theft. With prompt claims and reimbursements, the protection includes reshipping and return shipment expenses. According to 64% of e-commerce companies, shipping loss has an impact on attracting and retaining customers. 18% of customer service complaints in 2022 concerned missing or damaged packages. For first-time protection consumers, an XCover Account is instantly created. The XCover Team processes claims, and they are usually paid in a few days.